Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too many outlet stores in Park City and so little time!!
The girls! The only one missing was April, who was in Washington with her family and my cute grandsons. We planned this girl's retreat for Kellie's birthday before Ryan decided to send April and the boys home with us from Grand Cayman. Next girl's trip, April, you are in!!

James, Kendra and Scott in their "Thug Apartment" t-shirts that Kendra designed and made for them and their roommates. Great job Kendra. So nice to have creative children!
Cousin, daughter and son sporting the Thug Apartment t-shirts! Quite intimidating, aren't they!! They are really nice kids once you get to know them.........Love ya you crazy kids!


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Cute mom! You're getting closer to being caught up! This week I plan to be too! Love ya

Moberg Family said...

Hi hon! You are almost done with your night shifts, yeah!!!! Enjoy your time off. Keep checking the blog! I'm determined to get all caught up. Lots of fun memories to share! Love ya!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...

xoxoxo you're doing great!