Friday, January 9, 2009

April must of decided that her boys needed her help at the little table. You do look cute at the little table, though!

Stephanie and Kritt sharing a chair to eat their delicious meal!

So nice to have the Walkers join us this year! They were suppose to be going to Disneyland for Christmas this year but with the awful blizzards that we have been having, they decided not to chance it and stay home instead!

The teenagers at the big table. Nice to have a few more boys here this year than before! Funner for Scott and Kendra!

Taylor and her sweet friend, Tyra Walker. Love those redheads!

Some of our dear friends over for an always delicious meal provided by everyone. Dave Secrist's prime rib is "to die for" as Corbin always amazes Dave on just how much of it he can really eat! I am not really a "beef" person, so I go more for Corbin's delicious salmon and fried turkey. Evelyn's potatoes are always a hit and the many salads, rolls, cheese ball, appetizers and desserts always leaves us all feeling very full!
The famous little fisher price table that we have had for ever. Taylor always makes sure that we bring it up for the little kids to eat at. It looks like Taylor has graduated from it this year and left just the Grandsons to dine at it!
Jess and Kellie just starting to eat, I hope since Jess's plate is still empty!
Kendra and Kylie doing that girl pose! Kylie is just getting ready to move to Utah for work and then eventally more school once she gets her Utah residency. That out of state tuition is a killer! Love that Secrist Family! Just found out, though, that they are moving to Utah in the Spring, which makes us all very, very sad! He will be working for the church with their dairy and cattle industry. They came looking for him and when the church calls and says that they have heard and prayed about you and you are their man, it's hard to turn that one down! What better employer could you have, though, than the church. David will do an awesome job but we will miss their family terribly!! They have always been our regular "families without families" in town for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!
Logan Secrist and Slade Walker probalby talking about what Santa Clause is bringing them tonight! It looks like they have graduated from the little table as well this year!

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Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Great work mom! You're almost finished with Christmas Eve now! haha I love the blog about Taylor's baptism. I put a link on mine to yours because it's said and pictured so well. Love ya!