Sunday, January 4, 2009

Florida Ironman 11/1/08

Our crazy Ironman Husbands with their not so crazy wives! This is Corbin and Ryan's second ironman but the first they competed together. The Cornia's moved to Walla Walla last year so Corbin lost his training partner and I lost a dear friend. We miss them alot and would sure like to get together with them alot more than we do. If this is the only way that we can get together, then more Ironmans or marathons, it is!
Corbin, Scott and myself with Corbin's parents who to a road trip across the states to get here from Sundance, WY and his cousin who lives here in Florida. Thanks for being there for them. It meant alot! Always nice to get together!

The three muskateers, oh I mean, Ironmen!
It was cute because each one of them took a leg of the Ironman. Scott beat them in the swim. Ryan beat them in the bike. Corbin beat them in the run. Quite the threesome! This is the morning after the big event. They look a little better than they did last night. Scott could of gone out and partying with Michele and I, but Corbin and Ryan were looking for their rooms and beds! It helps to be younger, doesn't it boys! It's always fun to watch them the next day go up and down stairs!

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