Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taylor with her completed High School Musical Build a Bear. She had been pretty bored shopping at the Gateway in SLC until we stopped here. Then she became excited. This is probably her 5th Build A Bear. It helps to be the youngest, since none of her sister got that many! Nice of her sisters to help her create him.
Taylor with Mom who paid for the Build a Bear!

Watching Taylor fill her Build a Bear!

A happy Taylor after making, dressing and naming her Build a Bear!
It looks like you girls have done some serious shopping! How are we going to get all of this home since we flew? Good thing Scott is coming home in a couple of days for Thanksgiving and is driving his car!! Thanks son for bringing all of this home for us and thanks husbands and Dad for letting us purchase all of this stuff!! We loved the outlet stores in Park City and the Gateway Plaza in downtown SLC and Tiapan (spelling?) and Rod Works! Taylor quite hated the craft stores and vows to not go back. Hopefully we can convert her to them someday!

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