Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Favorite brunch at Little America in SLC!

The happy family after eating all of that good food at the our favorite buffet. You always leave there so full!! Good thing they don't weigh you going in and then out!! Missed the rest of the family!
Love this picture of my two youngest girls! They must be happy because they have been eating chocolate!

Me with my oldest daughter Kellie, whose birthday it is that we are celebrating on this girl's trip to Utah! We have talked about this buffet to her and Jess for a long time. Glad that she could finally experience it. Next time it will be Jess's turn to feast!!
My three youngest kids. Aren't they adorable! Thanks for being such great kids!
Scott and his fun and crazy cousin, James, who joined our girl's outing at the buffet. They were a little bit late that morning. It couldn't of been because they stayed up until 4:00 that morning, going to IHOP and whatever else they do there in Provo at that time. No, that couldn't of been why they were late!! Glad that you could make it and thanks for taking care of each other there in Provo! So nice that you cousins can all finally be around each other more. Those memories will last forever!

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