Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mr. Moses Lake Pagent 2008

Scott, along with 7 other young men from Moses Lake High School particiated in the Mr. Moses Lake pagent. It was quite the event with lots of laughs, talents and personalities! It is kind of a pagent to make fun of pagents and I think that the boys did a great job. It's also a fund raiser for the high school drill team which Kendra is in. Kendra had to dress up like the 80's. Valaree Roylance loaned her the dress! The following pictures will help you live the event if you missed out. Scott's dance was the hit of the night! Never knew he had it in him and I just thought my girls were the dancers! Now Ryan, it's your turn to bust a move! Scott ended up being 2nd runner up. Ryan Colston was 1st runner up and Garren Bergeson took Mr. Moses Lake. Loved Garren's bright orange tuxedo and enjoyed Ryan's Napolean Dynamite dance. Scott will always be our #1!!
The lovely contestants after the event!
The winners!
Scott picking his question. His question was "What three things would he bring with him if he was going to a deserted island. " He said that he would bring candles, a Barry Manilow CD and Fran! Fran Christensen was one of the judges and also has worked at the High School for over 20 years. She is over the sports programs. She is alot of fun and she is also the judge who Scott threw his sports jacket too, during the fashion show, I am sure, hoping to score more points!
The workout routine! The music was "I'm coming out!"
Opening number for fitness. Scott looks like he's concentrating!
Tribe wear!
Scott did have a sport jacket on but gave it to one of the judges!
Scott and Ryan Colston modeling their evening wear. Still missing the jacket!
Forgot to post Scott's head stand that he did at the first of his routine. Kendra's drill team is famous for their head stands, so of course, Scott had to try and accomplish that too. He did and he didn't even lose the wig!

Scott's talent, Hannah Montana singing "See You Again."

Loved the wig and Kendra's old dance costume.
This was the funniest thing ever to watch. You couldn't help but laugh the whole time Scott was dancing. He did a great job as you will be able to tell by these pictures. They don't quite capture the expressions that he had and his cool moves! Good job Kendra in the choreographing! The cutest thing was to watch Kendra and Scott practice it together. Priceless!
Nice ponytails!

Is that a spiderman tatoo on your ab?

Julie turns 50!!

Julie Mitchell is offically 50 years old!! Can you believe it! I got this cute picture of the family the morning of her birthday before they all went to school. Can't believe that there are only 4 kids left at home, soon to be three! That's the hard thing about getting older! Hal was out of town, so I came up to try and celebrate it with her. I had less than 24 hours, but in that amount of time we went to dinner and saw a chick flick, "Maid of Honor". Very cute movie! The next morning she took me to see some property that they are looking at and then we went out for brunch! It went by way too fast, but was lots of fun, especially surprising her. Seeing her kids faces and then hers when I arrived was priceless! Julie is usually doing the surprising, so it was nice to finally do it to her!
The very cute pictures that her kids did that spelled out MOM with their bodies!
I picked up these balloons in Tri-Cities and had them in my trunk all the way to Sheridan, OR. I was worried that they would pop along the way, but they made it. Aren't they cute and BIG!
50 never looked better, Julie!
Julie and James before we went out that evening. We left James in charge and he did a great job!

Julie sporting the sunglasses and "your old" gifts for her big 50th birthday! Looking hot!
Julie's kid did the coolest thing for her birthday. After I came and took her out to dinner and a movie, they found a friend to take this picture of them posing in the backyard, spelling out Mom with their bodies. What a cute idea. James then printed the pictures out and then they went and found this picture frame. What a neat surprise. Julie loved it and was very surprised! Great job kids!
"Golden" candles and almond rocha from Julie's girls!
Beautiful flowers from James!
Table centerpiece that will help remind Julie how old she is. I hear that mind goes fairly quickly, so I did not want her to forget!

High School Musical come to Spokane!

High School Musical came to Spokane and of course I had to take Taylor and Kendra. When it first came out on Disney Channel, Taylor and Kendra could not wait to watch it. Taylor still says that she is going to marry Troy!
Before the play!
Taylor sporting her H. S. Musical shirt and purse!
Waiting inside for the play to start! Does Taylor look excited or what!
What cute girls!

Mamma Mia in Spokane

Girls trip to Mamma Mia in Spokane. We missed April and Stephanie! It is such a cute play with lots of fun music by Abba!

I couldn't get this picture to rotate, so you may have to rotate yourself, instead!

Scott's 2nd 1st place finish marathon and Senior Project

Every senior who graduated this year from WA had to do a senior project. Scott's was his first marathon that he did last October in Leavenworth. This is his board that we put together that he displayed at the school along with his fellow seniors. They had to put 20 hours into this project and have a portfolio ect, along the way to explain what he was doing for his. He did great and took first in his age divison. Two days later we were off to Tacoma for his second marathon. The pictures below explain how that went! Great job, Scott!! You know can graduate!

Proud Mom after Scott's marathon finish!
Already finished half marthon and showered Dad with just finished marathon finisher, Scott!
See, Corbin did run. Here he is taking off from the start. I did capture that on film!
Scott and Dad looking down from the starting line.
Walking from the motel up a few blocks to where the marathon and half marathon is to begin. They both seem a little nervous!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Missed Corbin's finish for his half marathon!

Yes, this is Corbin reminding me that I missed his finish for the half marathon that he did. He took off 1/2 hour after Scott did for the marathon. He told me that he will be probably be about 2 hours. Well, I went back to the motel and showered and got ready to go back and see him finish, which is only about 1/2 a block away from the motel. Just as I was finishing my hair, in walked Corbin with his medal on and sweating like he had just finished his half marathon in record time!! He had, and I had missed it! I was starting to worry that I might be cutting it close, but no, I totally missed it! Now I know how Michele Cornia, my friend feels because she never saw her husband cross the finish line of his marathon in Logan, UT and we were both at the finish line then watching the runners. Ryan, just ran past us and finished and we never knew. At least we were there that time. I wasn't even at the line when Corbin crossed. That means no pictures of the finish, either!
I made Corbin pose in the motel room with his medal, clothes and sweat, just to prove that he did run today! Corbin was hassled by his running partner, Ryan Cornia, for only running a half a marathon today and I told him that running half a marathon was just fine with me and that it would probably be a nice break for him. Well, he wasn't suppose to go as fast as he did. He finished it in 1:45!! If he would of kept that pace up, it would of a been a new record for a marthon for him, but he should be proud of this one and hopefully will forgive me for missing his strong finish!! Never again will I miss another one of his finishes!!!
13.1 miles in 1:45! Great job, hon!
Scott and his pacing buddy coming down the finish line stretch. He's looking strong!
Almost there!
Done at last! You even finished just ahead of your maniac marathon pacer!

A few second delay of his finishing time of 3:29! Awesome job, Scott! You shaved off about 20 minutes off from your first marathon. Not bad for a 17 year old!

Scott taking first in the marathon in his age division. Way to go son!
Looking relieved and feeling very hungry!
"Man, I hate going down these stairs! My legs are soooo sore!"
"Whew, I did another one and even shaved off 20 minutes on my time!"
Scott's maniac marathon pacing buddy. Scott just crossed the line at 3:29!
He was able to stay with him the whole marathon. The pacing guy has been running marathon for over 4 years and has ran 40 something of them so far!! He is a maniac!