Sunday, December 2, 2007

April and Emmet in Moses Lake while Ryan studies!

We have the fun opportunity of having April and Emmet here in Moses Lake
while Ryan is back in the Grand Cayman's studying and finishing his finals
for medical school before he heads back to Washington just in time for April
to have their second little boy, Weston. The C-Section has been set up for
December 12, unless Weston decides to come early and Ryan is due to
arrive in WA, the day before! Talk about cutting it close, but everything will
work out! We are enjoying so much having Emmet and April here and
being able to spend this time with them and have Emmet get to know
us better as well as his 2 week older cousin, Conner. They were just getting
to know each other when Ryan and April moved to the Grand Caymans.
Emmet has been so good and and crusing all over the house. It is so cute to
see such a cute little thing walking everywhere.
April has been a trooper and deserves a medal for everything that she
has endured these past 9 months!! Keep studying Ryan and know that
that your family is doing well and look forward to seeing you soon!
Going out for lunch all bundled up!

Do you think that we are wearing the Grandkids out??

Finally!! Both grandsons together!

Playing at grandma's
Fighting over a toy! No punches thrown.

What cuties!!
Visiting at Conner's house and the flying ball toy!