Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

February 6th was my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. They happened to be up here in Moses Lake to watch Scott play basketball and Kendra dance, so I wanted to make the day extra special for them. I mean how many people get to celebrate 50 years of marriage! I wrapped my stairrail with red lighted hearts and had balloons everywhere so they would see them when they woke up that morning. Taylor and I even served them belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream in bed before Taylor had to go off to school. She was pretty excited for them.
I had balloons like this all over and house and at lunch at one of our favorite places to eat called Dana's.
I had blown up their wedding pictures and had placed them in frames throughout my living room. It took awhile for them to notice that the pictures were of them, but they finally did. They were trying to figure out how I got all of these pictures. Lots of planning.
A dozen red roses I thought would be appropriate for this important day. Mom's wedding colors were red and white. They were married at my Grandma's house around 5 p.m. by Bishop Dick Buxton and Dale Price took their wedding pictures. They went that evening to Jackson Hole but returned the next night to go to a ballgame back home in Driggs. They both said that there really wasn't anything else to do and going to ballgames on their anniversary became their most common way to celebrate their anniversary since Dad coached basketball for 30 years after they were married with just a few breaks in between. That is where our love for basketball began and continues today!
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad. I look forward to the big celebration with the whole family this summer. We will really party then! Thanks for finding each other and for starting this family of ours which will go on forever all because two people fell in love!

Pictures taken at our surprise lunch at Dana's.
Even Dana's got into the celebration with this dessert they made special for you.
50 years, can you believe it!
The happy couple!
The special anniversary dinner that consisted of Corbin's famous teriayki salmon, vegetables and salad with tunnel of fudge cake for dessert.

Anniversary lunch at Dana's with flowers, pictures and banner!

50th years!!
Conner's impressed!!

Showing Mom and Dad the photo album that I'm scrapbooking for them to give to them at their big 50th Wedding Anniversary party this summer with the whole family. I have just a few pages done, but it's a start. I have been kind of busy these past few months!
She cries as easy as I do.
Everyone enjoyoing the album. Dad couldn't believe that he was such a stud!

Corbin takes April and boys to Florida to meet Ryan

Ryan had to leave the first weekend in January to start his next semester at school in the Grand Caymans. April, Emmet and Weston got to stay until the end of January when Corbin flew with them to Florida where Ryan met them and then took them back to the islands. The trip went well and everyone arrived home safely.
What a proud Dad. Glad to get our family back safely to you. Thanks for sharing them with us Ryan!
We will miss you guys! Take care of each other and don't let those boys forget us!
What a ham and love that dimple!
You are a sweetheart as well! Love and miss you guys!

We will miss you Emmet, Weston and April

These are some last pictures we took of Emmet and Weston before they returned to Grand Cayman to be with their Dad. It was bitter sweet. They have been with us since the day after Thanksgiving and although it's been a very busy two months, it was awesome to have everyone here and this time we will always cherish. What cute boys and such personalities. They will grow up way too fast. Conner will miss having someone about his size to hang around with.
Kiss for Emmet
Kiss for Weston
He'll change way too fast before I see him again.
Emmet already has changed so much. I will especially miss that adorable dimple of yours!
Keep hugging that pillow!!

Family pictures while everyone is here!

You cherish every moment you have when you get all of your family together because as they grow up, those moments become harder and harder. Even though this was not professionally done, these last minute family pictures turned out pretty well. Each complete family picture becomes so precious, so thanks everyone for getting together for this one and thanks Corbin for the new camera for my birthday, that didn't do too bad taking these pictures!
Stephanie and Kritt
Jess, Kellie and Conner
Ryan, April, Emmet and Weston
Corbin, myself, Scott, Kendra and Taylor.
The few kids left at home that keeps getting fewer by the minute! I hate that part!

Emmet's first birthday!

Emmet turns one 1/4/08. Cute cake made by Ryan and decorated by April. Great job kids!
The proud parents.
Emmet loving the cake and cheesecake that Dad made him.
Is there more of this great stuff?? I love being one!

Emmet turns one!!

Emmet opening is presents with help from Aunt Taylor.
Aunt Kendra showing Emmet how his new toy works.
What a pair!
Aunt Taylor loves her nephews!
More presents for who?

Christmas 2008

Some pictures of Christmas morning. Ryan liking his ipod stereo.
Kendra liking her I-Touch
Jess liking his guitar hero. He even has the tattos to match. Good thing they come off!
Yes, Scott, you get a guitar hero III as well.
Emmet cuddling with Aunt Taylor while Conner plays with Taylor's new doll house. Don't tell his dad!

Christmas Day

Had to include some pictures from Christmas Day. Always a fun, busy day enjoying everyone open their presents and watching Taylor make sure that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk!
Ryan, love that grin! Glad you are here instead of the Caymans!
Taylor and her new laptop.
Taylor and her talking parrot! (It's fake, thank goodness)
Scott playing his guitar hero! He looks like he knows what he is doing.