Friday, November 7, 2008

Catagory 3 Hurricane!

Paloma has now been upgraded to a category 3 hurricane just before it is hitting Grand Cayman "head on", as the weather channel is updating us.  Great to still have some communication with the world so we know what is about to happen.  Ryan is getting pretty nervous.  Glad we are here to try and keep things calm or I think he would be going somewhere right now; anywhere but here!!  Never have been a direct hit for a hurricane.  This should be interesting!  Update you when I can!  Corbin just announced that he is out of cheetos so the real emergency is on!

Hurricane Paloma in the Grand Caymans!

Nothing is ever boring in our lives!!  Currently we are on the island of Grand Cayman which is about to get hit by a category 2 or 3 hurricane around 1 a.m. tonight.  Not sure how much longer we will have power, but decided to try and blog quickly while I still could!  We already have to change our flights home from tomorrow until Sunday night, getting into Florida and then leaving Florida on Monday for home.  Sorry Kellie, you get to play Mom a few days longer than planned.
Our son, Ryan's condo is right on the beach so watching these waves come in is pretty amazing! They should only get higher.  The whole island has shut down.  This sure convinces you the importance of being prepared and food storage!  Man I miss my pantry right now!!  I hope to be blogging again soon to let you know how we weathered Hurricane Paloma!!  This was suppose to be a vacation of sun and fun.  It's been fun and exciting, but no sun!  We send our love to all of you! Glad that we could be here with the kids so they weren't alone or else we would be worrying about them!  Keep reading for further updates!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ironman and Grand Cayman!

I was hoping to a blog a few more of the events of September and October before I left for the Ironman in Panama City, FL and then a week in Grand Cayman to see the kids!  Those things will have to wait until I get home.  It will sure be nice once I get caught up with everything, but then others things will always needed to be done!  Never ends.  
Just a peek - the Ironman that my husband and son, Scott, along with our friend, Ryan Cornia and Sam Barnes, from Ephrata, WA went well.  Many fun pictures to follow!  Michele and I, along with Corbin's parents, Curt and Linda were great "Ironmates"!  It is amazing and fun to watch.
We are now in Grand Cayman visiting Ryan, April, Emmet and Weston - our kids and grandkids!! It did rain all day the first full day there, so I am kind of worried that it will do this all week, but I sure hope not!  We want to spend some time on the beach and other places! Ryan is here in Medical School and doing really well.  We will be bringing April and boys back to WA with us when we leave here on Saturday.  I will blog all about our adventures as soon as I am home - or at least, soon after!  Kellie is a trooper and holding the house down, along with her two cute boys and her two adorable sisters!  Thanks Kellie!!