Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My ? Birthday

Always nice to spend your birthday with family.
Thanks Kellie and Jess for the cute picutre and star.

Thanks Corbin for my cool camera. You thought

I took alot of pictures before!

Pretty flowers and balloons from Kendra

and Ryan, April and Emmet

Ryan and April, here's a close up of the beautiful flowers that

you had sent. I love them!

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and that means a busy night at our house.
Nice to have Kellie, Jess and Conner up visiting. Missed
terribly Ryan, April and Emmet and Stephanie and Kritt.
Would of been lots of fun to of had Emmet and Conner dress
up together. Ryan told us that they hid from the trick or
treaters that night because candy is so expensive in
Grand Cayman! I made taco soup and then stay busy
the rest of the evening making my homemade doughnuts.
It has become a tradition for a long time now and although
it is alot of work, we all enjoy them. We ate some for
everyone that couldn't be there, so I hope that makes all
of you who missed Halloween here in Moses Lake feel better!!
Taylor loves Halloween so it was fun for her to have Conner
here to share it with her.

Halloween 2007

Cute Conner
Dad and Taylor's pumpkin eating another pumpkin
Jess is loving that pumpkin!

The pumpkin carvers!

Taylor is Gabriella from "High School Musical"
She says that she is going to marry Troy!
Kellie did a great job on her hair!

Aunt Kendra and Taylor with cute Conner, the lion!

Conner is still trying to figure this costume thing out!

When looking at the Marthona pictures that Scott, Corbin
and Ryan Cornia ran 10/13/07 start at the bottom page of
Marathon pictures. It will make more sense that way. I'm
still learning how to do all this blog/computer stuff!!

The Marathon runners!!

Proud family!
Beautiful place for a marathon!

Here come the men!

Heading to the finish line!
Corbin and Ryan finishing just under 4 hours and 5 minutes!
A second best marathon for Corbin!!
Only 20 minutes behind his son; not bad!!

Marathon stories!!

The proud finishers!

Proud wife and mom!

Proud Mom!
Proud sisters!
What the timing chip did to Scott's ankle.
He has learned to wear taller socks!
Looking good!
Scott took first in his age division. He's only 17!

The finish line!

Looking a little tired, but still going!
Here's Corbin. Ryan's not far behind.
Scott coming down to the finish line.
Scott's first marathon in 3 hours 47 1/2 minutes!
Way to go budddy!!

More ensure!

Ryan "losing" his ensure and Corbin leaving him behind.
Sorry, Ryan! He usually "throws up" once during
a marathon. I just happen to be filming when he decided to
do it this time!

Circling the "getting closer" point.

A beautiful fall marathon
Checking on the men
Scott checking his "little buddy" to see his time and pace.Looking strong
Here he is actually around 20 miles into the marathon.
Checking to see if he needs some gatorade!

This guy dressed as a girl, actually ran quite well.
Scott beat him, but he actually beats Corbin and Ryan.

Scott looking good. He stayed with the men for

a couple of miles and then he pulled ahead for the

rest of the race

The "older" men

Waiting to give our runners their "ensure"!

They will really enjoy it in the nursing home!

Cheers with "ensure"

Scott's First Marathon

Scott decided to try his hand at marathon running after
watching his Dad do his Iron Man last June. He has
been training hard and the one that he, his Dad and
Corbin's training buddy, Ryan Cornia, chose was in
beautiful Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth is about
100miles from Moses Lake up in the mountains and
it is beautiful, espcially in the Fall. The weather was perfect.
It's a smaller marthon, but good because I was able to
follow along in the car and get some great pictures. I'm
sure it wasn't annoying at all having us driving around, following them
as they were running 26.2 miles, but oh well.
These picutures were taken before the race started
and, as they were starting. I don't know if Scott was nervous,
but I was nervous for him. Typical Mom.