Monday, October 27, 2008

Little America Sunday Breakfast Buffet!!

If we are ever in SLC on a Sunday, traveling home, we usually end up eating at Little America's Sunday Buffet which is to die for!! It has anything and everything that you would ever want to eat and it even tastes delicious. Sometimes at those, it looks good, but doesn't really taste that good. Well, Corbin talked us into eating there again before we left after checking on Scott at BYU and going to the BYU football. We invited Stephanie and Kritt, the Mitchell boys and Eric and Amanda to join us. Eric and Amanda live in Kaysville, so not far from SLC. Here is a picture of the "full" group after the delicious buffet! We have got to get Jess and Kellie and Ryan and April here sometime!! You guys would love it!
Corbin looks tired or maybe drinking more than diet coke, (ha, ha), but oh well, I posted it anyway!

Kritt and Stephanie enjoyng the food and setting. Everything is done up so well.

The older married couples! Eric was just finishing his chocolate covered strawberries. The desserts here are all so delicious. It's hard to choose, so we don't. We eat them all.............Corbin still looks like he is tired!

Is there enough food for these hungry young men? Bring it on!

BYU Cougar Football!!

Go Cougs!

Waiting for the team to come on. Corbin was amazed that everyone was so nice and calm. No one was swearing, throwing things or spitting on the team. I'm not sure how they do things in Wyoming, but welcome to my world!!

Stephanie and her Dad waiting to get into the game!

Scott and his cousin, roommate and friend. Starting on the left is David, who is a friend of James's from Roosevelt ,who isn't going to school here but was up visiting. Next is James, Scott's cousin and roommate and then Scott and last is John, another roommate of Scott's from the Odgen area. Nice looking group of young men!

I am sure that Corbin never dreamed of wearing a BYU shirt and going to a BYU game!! It brought back alot of old memories for me. It has been years, (yes, I'm old!) since I was at
BYU. Loved the school and area! I even roomed my first year with my sister, Julie, and then after she got married, I roomed with my good friends Trudy and Cindy!

Like Mother, Like Daughter!!

The Moberg Family sporting the BYU Quest shirts!! We were pretty pumped for the game! BYU ended up winning pretty easily. Go BYU!!!

This ended my very busy summer, which most of it I was able to blog, but not all of it. Missed the pictures of taking the girls to girl's camp in June. Taylor's first year!! Kendra went as a 5th year YCL and I went to make sure Taylor did okay and also to help certify the 3rd year girls! It was a new camp over by Seattle and it was lots of fun, despite having car trouble!! The girls in the Stake were awesome with Taylor! She would of done just fine without me!

Once we got home from everything, we soon had to get kids ready and off to college and school!!
Where did the summer go?

Off to School!

Taylor heading off to 6th grade! This is a bitter sweet year for her and us. She leaves Garden Heights which was her elementary school for the last 7 years!! She had such a great experience there with such great teachers and a special one on one helper! They will all be hard to replace. Not sure if we are all ready for Middle School and after the first few months now of school, I don't think that they were quite ready for her either, but hopefully with some more hard work, Middle School will start to fall into place. Trying to integrate a special Education Student is a lot of sweat and tears and we will get there. She has such awesome friends who are trying their best to help her out. We just won't give up on you Taylor!!
Kendra heading off to her first day of school and also as a new driver! She got her driving license right before school started. Scary!! She drove the Dodge Neon to school the first month or two.
She wasn't thrilled about driving stick shift and killed it at least 12 times getting to and from school, but she finally figured it out. Now she drives my old car, the Ford Taurus, since I got a new Dodge Durango, so she is much happier and so am I. I will have to admit, that she is getting better and it is nice having an extra driver again!

Kendra, first day of school as a Junior at MLHS!

Scott heading off to college at BYU, Provo, UT! Can't believe he is leaving home! He is sure excited to get to Provo. He is rooming with his good friend and cousin, James Mitchell, so that should be lots of fun. James is going to UVU and then his twin brothers, Jacob and Matt will be there along with James's older brother, Doug and his wife, Shauna. You then also have Stephanie and Kritt and his cousin, Ben, in SLC. He'll have more family around there than we do here! You will be dearly missed! Scott is going to BYU as a Junior. He was able to take his last 2 years of High School out to the Junior College here called Big Ben. The program is called Running Start and they end up graduating with their high school diploma the same time that they graduate with their AA from the college. The best thing about it, is that it is basically free. We just pay for the books and some labs. Quite the deal! We love you, Scott! Make us proud!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sturgis and Sundance Wyoming!

Taylor and her two cousins, Leah and Robin. What cute girls all three of them are!
Scott, Corbin, Linda, Taylor, Curt and myself. It seemed strange just having Scott and Taylor with us visiting with Corbin's family, but it was nice to finally get up there to see everyone.

Our smaller family with Corbin's parents and brother, Jeff and girls. Robin is in the pink and is a Senior at Sundance High School. She has sure grown up and I can't believe will be graduting this year! Leah is in the blue and is almost as tall as her sister. She keeps her Dad in line, which is a hard job to do! Fun, great girls! Jeff, you aren't so bad yourself. Good thing you have such a nice wife! Wish you were in this picture, Yvonne. She was at work.

The two Moberg boys. Linda, you must of had your hands full with those two at home!!

Moberg Family!

When Corbin and I were first married he use to tell me about this town near where he grew up that every year all of these bikers came from all over the world to gather for a week and all sorts of things went on during this week. I use to think, yeah, sure, lots of bikes..........................

The first summer we were visiting his family during "rally" time, I came to realize quickly just how many bikes and how big this Sturgis Rally Week really is. There are motorcyclists all over the place. Mount Rushmore is not far and they are all over there, along the roads, highways, camping everywhere. Some of the bikers ride their bikes all of the way there from whereever they came. Some haul them there and then ride. Most of the bikers are professional people. It was amazing to say the least. It's always held the first week in August which is always a good time to go because it falls right around Curt and Linda's birthdays. We made it up to Wyoming again this year just in time for the Rally and to see Corbin's family who we had not seen for awhile. Corbin's parents come to Washington at least once a year but we had not seen his brother Jeff and his wife, Yvonne and girls for a few years. I missed getting a picture of Yvonne while we were there, sorry Yvonne, but here are a few to share. It's always fun to visit Corbin's family in Sundance. They have a beautiful home in a beautiful area with all sorts of fun things to do while you are there. We were even able to stop in and say hello to Corbin's grandma, Elizabeth and his Uncle Floyd.

Sturgis Bike Rally, Sturgis, Wy 08!

Corbin always wanted me to become a biker "babe." If one day on his parent's trike counts, then I was a "biker babe!" It was a fun ride, though. Do we look like bikers? We did wear helmets when we were actually going.................!
Jeff, David, a classmate of Corbin's from Sundance, and Corbin. It was David's birthday that day. I won't mention this, but Corbin is wearing his Mom's wranglers!! He did not bring any long pants on this trip and needed some for this bike ride, so he got to borrow his mom's. Thanks, Linda!

Here are the biker's in Sundance. Their big thing is called the "Burn Out." They put the bikes on this big ramp and rev them up and see how long it takes to burn up their back bike tire. It's very loud, smokey and rubber smelling. I can't believe that people that turn out for this. Pretty amazing. I don't think that bike tires are all that cheap, either! Before they built the ramp, they use to just do it on the street, which wasn't good because it would make big holes in the road.

Devils' Mountain. It's quite amazing in person. This was a picture that we took when Corbin and I borrowed his Dad's trike and went on our ride with Jeff and his friend to Hulett, Wy, during the rally. The surrounding little towns around Sturgis each kind of take a day that they have something specific going on that day to attract the bikers. It was quite fun if I must say so myself. Beautiful scenery and Corbin is a pretty good driver! It was nice because our helmets had microphones in them so you could hear each other talk without yelling. That was great.
Bikes park everywhere!

Downtown Stugis during the rally. You would never believe how many bikes there are that come to this area. This year they even said it was down quite a bit due to the gas prices. It was such a hot day that it was hard to stay outside for very long. On the right is Grandpa Moberg, Scott, Robin, Taylor, Leah, myself and Corbin. We had to buy some sturgis shirts!
The Buffalo Chip is a big open arena type place with a big stage where they have these concerts in during the Rally. They get some pretty big stars performing here during that week. At this one you could pull your motorcycle right up in front of the stage if you wanted which alot of them do. It can get a little crazy in there if you aren't careful.

Corbin was so excited to go and see Z Z Top. I am sorry but they looked so old and scarey, it was sad. Even Corbin was surprised. They had a few songs that we recognized but not a whole lot of anything else going on. They were after my favorite, Sugarland, so it was already after 10:30 p.m. and we were all getting pretty tired. I was ready to go home after their first few songs but stayed for the whole things. Corbin's brother Jeff and a few of his buddies rode home with us. We all agreed that Sugarland was the best!

I'm not too sure about those beards!!

Sugarland was soooooo good. We had standing/seats right up front, so that was fun so see them that close. I play their songs now all of the time and had to go out and get their CD's!

She does a great job! Love their songs! Great entertainer with a somewhat "rough" crowd.
We also got to see Kenny Chesney the night before this but I forgot my camera. We were at a different venue for his concert and not so close but he went on for hours! It was great! Love him, too! Corbin quite liked his concert as well. I think that he is reforming!!

A few more photos from the Family Reunion Weekend 08!

Taylor loves going to Driggs, Utah and Oregon and playing with her cousins. She would probably stay there forever, if you would let her. Love this picture of her with Elizabeth and Alesha. Behind Taylor, in the driveway is the motorhome that she tried to drive that day!
It's so fun to have cousins around your age. Kendra, Ashley and Aubree are three of a kind! Funny that we have a redhead, blond and brunette all about the same age. Kendra and Aubree are both Juniors this year and Ashley is a Senior. Kendra has gone with Ashley to EFY the past two years and this year is going with Aubree. Aubree has never been to EFY before. She is going to have an awesome week! EFY week is one of the best things tha you could ever send your teenagers to. My kids who have been able to go count it as one of the best weeks of their life!

Mom wanted pictures with them with the girls since we hadn't done one of those. (Us Wade's like to take lots of pictures, me included!) This one we were suppose to pose funny. It looks like Jana, Julie and Dad listened, but the rest of us were pretty straightforward. Love the tongue, Julie!

Here's our happy pose! Dad with his girls!

Mom with her girls!

Iron Man Bike Training!

After our big weekend of family reunions and anniversary celebrations and after we dropped Kendra off at EFY in Rexburg for the week, the rest of us were heading off to Sundance, Wy where Corbin's family lives and go there for a visit. It had been a few years since we had been there and we decided that this would be a good time to go. Corbin had the bright idea that riding bikes from Jackson to somewhere in Wyoming would be good Iron Man training for him and Scott. They are both training for an Iron Man on November 1st in Florida. An Iron Man involves a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and then running a 26.2 mile marathon. Corbin has already done one over a year ago in Courd'Alene, Idaho. This will be Scott's first one. He is the youngest one signed up for this Iron. We hauled their bikes on the back of the suburban and on the morning after our Wade Reunion drove them up to the top of Jackson Pass at 6 a.m. so that they could start their adventure. I would get Kendra off to EFY on Monday and then Taylor and I would start heading that way and pick them up somewhere, depending on how it would go. Sounds fun, doesn't it! I don't think Corbin and Scott had any idea how hard this was going to be. They made it down to Jackson and then over to Togadee (spelling?) pass, which had construction on it and no shoulder to ride. They ended up carrying their bikes for some of it and it was alot more up hill than they thought. They made it that night to Dubois, Wy and were exaushted. They sounded awful on the phone. The next day they did make it to Riverton, Wyoming where they waiting there for me to pick them up. They were not going any further! They did admit that it had been much harder than they had imagined and the wind going into Riverton, was awful. The East and West sides of the state of Wyoming are beautiful, but the middle, I must say, is pretty ugly and barren. It was good to see them all in one piece when Taylor and I found them in Riverton!

Road trip via bikes!

Getting further and further away. I sure hope that they make that first big corner!!
And they are off! I wanted to drive down the road a little ways to make sure that they made the first corner because they were going pretty fast, but I didn't! I decided that I would just have to try and trust that they knew what they were doing. (What was I thinking?)
The view from the top of the Teton pass overlooking the beautiful Jackson Wyoming valley!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Always a fun place to visit. It's only about half an hour drive from my home. Worked over there a couple of summers during High School, cleaning motel rooms with my friends and sisters. We were scary drivers going over that pass those early mornings on our way to work. Sorry about that Mom and Dad!

My adorable son, Scott! You are growing up way too fast! He just graduated from High School this year and will be going to BYU, Provo this fall as a Junior! He plans on being there for a year before going on a mission. He turns 19 on May 28!

Corbin, my crazy husband who does all sorts of wild and dangerous things for a hobby!! What am I going to do with you? Now you are getting our son to follow along!

Father and son ready to ride down Jackson Pass and head towards Sundance, Wy! Taylor and I will be trying to find them in two days after I have dropped Kendra off at EFY in Rexburg. Wish us luck!

Scott making sure that his bike doesn't need adjusting!

Corbin eyeing the long, winding road down toward the beautiful Jackson Hole, Wy, valley.

Hauling the bikes

What are we doing this early in the morning?