Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our California Trip 08!

Corbin, Scott, Taylor and myself went to Southern California the first weekend in March to watch the Drill Team from Moses Lake, which Kendra is a member of, particpate at Nationals in Anaheim. We left 2 days earlier than the drill team so that we could do some sight seeing. Our first stop was SeaWorld, where I have not been for quite some time. Scott and Taylor had never been there. Lots of fun! Stephanie and Kritt met us the next day. They drove with some friends from Provo to get here. The airplane was much faster!! The day after they arrived we went to Universal Studios where Corbin, Kritt and Taylor have never been. Lots of fun there
as well. Our favorite ride was the Mummy ride! Pretty scarey, except the Haunted House was scarier. Stephanie and Kritt took Taylor out. I should of gone with them. I don't like people dressed up in scary costumes jumping out at you and at Universal Studios, they looked pretty
Poor Taylor, though. Our hotel that we were staying at, the Sheraton, where the drill team also stayed, was about a block away from Disneyland. We were on the 9th floor and had a great view of the adventure park. Taylor was a little frustrated that she could see Disneyland, but that we did not take her there for the first 2 days. Once we got to Sea World and then Universal Studios, she had a great time, but kept asking us when she was going to go to Disneyland. She could see it but we weren't taking her there. Poor thing. It was like putting M&M's in front of me and not letting me eat them! She was pretty excited for the day when we told her we were going to Disneyland and was a trooper with all of the walking we had to do. Good thing for new hips!! Last time I was here was two years ago with the Drill Team and I had not had either hip replaced. I was pretty miserable and probably not alot of fun for Corbin! Thanks for putting up with me, hon!
Taylor was also a trooper concerning the rides. She never wanted to go on any of them because most of them scared her, but she would go. We had to sometimes literally push and pull her onto the ride and she usually kept her head down for most of them, but she would go. We would throw a few rides in and then let her go and see some characters or do something that she wanted to do. She was always asking if the ride was going to get her wet or if it was scarey.
She was pretty brave, especially not knowing what was coming up next. She was a pretty good screamer, too, but so was I! We sure missed the Walters and the Rasmussens! Next time!

Sea World

We had to go see Shamu while we were at SeaWorld and we all loved the show. Amazing how high those whales can jump our of water! We did sit in the splash zone, thanks for Corbin, but we bought a poncho and covered us all when the water came so we were able to stay fairly dry!
There is a diver on the tip of the whales now as he comes out of the water. Amazing!
Penquins! Some of them are pretty chubby!
A lady was diving off the whale's nose as it came out of the water.

Dad and Taylor posing with a big starfish!
Don't they look cute!
Scott trying to feed a mantaray
Taylor being brave and petting one
At the shark exhibit

Universal Studios

Leaving Universal after a very full and fun day!
Scott with L.A. in the background.
Your next Apollo crew!
Waiting for the next 3-D movie. It sometimes was a job keeping those glasses on Taylor so that she could really enjoy the movie. Sometimes it was just to real for her with them on!

Taylor meeting all of her Nick characters that she loves to watch on t.v.
Sponge Bob!
Getting ready to go on the tram. Taylor was never quite sure where we were taking her when it meant getting into a ride like situation. She did duck her head alot, even on the tram tour, especially when we saw King Kong and Jaws! When she saw jaws, she ducked her head and yelled, "I hate sharks!" She cracked us up the whole trip. She was a trooper!
Scooby Do and Shaggy. She loves their movies. Notice the two other characters in the background!
Overlooking Los Angeles!

The kids posing in front of Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios downtown district. They look like rockers, don't they! Probably alot of guitar hero lately!
Scott posing as Forrest at Bubba Gumps. It's a great place to eat!
Taylor couldn't help but resist standing next to these cardboard cutouts of Hannah Montana and Troy from High School Musical. They are her very favorite and she was sure she was going to find them in California and Hollywood. She still plans on marrying Troy and watches Hannah Montana everyday on the Disney Channel. Taylor would make a great actress!
Entering Universal Studios!

Taylor in Disneyland!

She was so excited to finally see Mickey Mouse!
When we go to Disneyland, we always have to go to Downtown Disney and eat at the Rainforest Cafe. They have one in Seattle, but we always have to hit this one. Kritt had never been to one. You must ask Kellie if it really rains there!!
Me and Scott
Visiting the princesses was a must and as the pictures tell, she loved every minute of it. Corbin probably didn't mind himself either, since he is the one who finally went with her to meet them!
They are pretty cute, you know!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taylor so excited to dance with the High School Musical parade! She was looking for them everywhere and was one of the highlights of her trip! She loves Troy, although this young man does not quite look like Troy, but she didn't care!
Getting ready with their 3-D glasses to experience a Bug's Life!
Taylor loved seeing all of the characters, alot more than she enjoyed the rides we would make her go on with us. The characters were alot less scary than some of those rides!

We rode that tram back from the Convention Center and Disneyland, alot!! Here is Taylor on one of those trips wearing her new High School Musical jacket!

Finally, the drill team pictures!

The Molahiettes from Moses Lake High School had such a great year. They did some pretty awesome routinues all year long in football and basketball season. They had two competitions before they went to Nationals in Anaheim, CA. They literally swept everything all year!
They worked hard all year and are all so talented. They are very fun to watch I look forward to the next two years watching Kendra and them perform. When Kendra has graduated from High School in 2 years, I will have had a girl in Drill Team for 11 straight years! It's been great.
Thanks for the memories my beautiful daughters!

Some of my favorite drill team pictures 07!

All of the team in their headstands. If you look at the drill team in the red who is watching this routine, alot of their girl's mouths show what they think of this routine!
First place tropies in all three routines at their first competion. Not bad girls!
Way to go Kendra!
Scott was worried that he was going to be the only boy there from Moses Lake. He was but does he look like he minds?
The supportive fans waiting for the team to go on.
Little sis!
Big brother!
One of my favorite shots of the military routine. This was taken at another competion in Washington State.

National Drill Team Champions!!

The big gym where you perform the final night if you are one of the winners!! We were able to perform all three of our routines there because they all own or qualified for an award! It is the ultimate performance at Nationals! The girls were so excited to be there and have done as well as they had done. Their parents were very proud!
Waiting for awards!
Start of their military routine. My favorite!
One routine down, two to go!
What a cute crew!

One of the two first place wins the team received along with their trophy and banner!
Along with the medals for each win, they also received nice backpacks for each win.
Blurry picture of a crying national champion!
Proud Dad with his excited daughter!
Kendra's fan club! What a year this has been!