Thursday, June 12, 2008

Baby Walters should be here any day!

I needed to get my blog updated before Kellie has her baby and I'll have more pictures to post
when he arrives. She was due June 8th and was kind enough to let me get through all of the things that I just blogged about and more. Now she is overdue and wanting to have a baby. She will go into the hospital today because her doctor is on call and he will get her going. She was having quite a few contractions for awhile there and is dilated to a 4, so once she gets going more, it shouldn't be too long. I know that she is nervous but anxious to get this over and welcome this new little "Walters" into the family. I'm going to Tri-Cities today, so I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Wish us luck!

Today's Generation Dance Recital 08

Taylor shaking her glow sticks after the recital. She loves to run up on stage when it is over and keep dancing! Two of Taylor's favorite things are dance and music!
Grandma and Grandpa Moberg were able to stay for the recital which was the day after Scott's graduation. My mom and dad had to hurry onto Oregon the next morning to see James graduation from Sheridan HS in Oregon. James in 2 months older than Scott and Scott and him will be roomates in Provo. They are pretty excited to be rooming together. They should have alot of fun!
The sisters!. All three of them have danced with Today's Generation since they started the dance company. They do a great job and the dancers are amazing to watch. Stephanie was in the Elite dance team and was a joy to watch. Kendra followed not far behind and is also in the Elite team and dances just as well as her older sister did. The dance company is going to compete at Nationals in Vegas the end of this month and we are taking Scott and Taylor to watch Kendra and the dance company compete. They should do well. Taylor is not in the competitive group of the dance team, but shines in whatever dance she is doing. Taylor has been dancing for 8 years. She loves to perform anywhere, anytime and she can sure "bust a move!"
Proud parents of the two "dancing queens!"
Keep dancing, Taylor!

Love this picture of Scott's sisters leaving the Graduation.
Scott ended up winning the grand prize of $500 at the Senior Frolic last that night at the bowling alley. He was pretty excited when he got home!

Scott's High School Graduation 2008 from Moses Lake

Scott with his good friend, Ann and her sister Carley. These two girls are great basketball players and took the girls for the first time to the Washington State Basketball Tournament. They ended up playing in the championship game and losing in the last few minutes. Scott was able to go and cheer in "the tribe". What a weekend it was for the school and these two girls!
Scott and Vanessa, also a basketball player on the state team!
Scott and Stephanie. We were so glad that she was able to come up. Missed Kellie, Jess and Conner and Ryan, April, Emmet and Weston!
Scott and Kendra. Kendra will be doing this same thing in 2 years. Hard to believe. They grow up way too fast!
Scott and Taylor!

Scott with Grandma and Grandpa Wade
Scott with his best friend, Shaun Haggerty
Proud Mom and Dad with Scott!
More friends.
Courtney Earl, Scott and Christine Law

The graduate! Way to go son! We are very proud of you!
Not only is Scott graduating from High School but a week later will be graduating from Big Bend, the community college here in town, with his Associates. He has been taking classes out to the college these past two years. It's called, "Running Start". He loved getting away from the High School and was out to the college with many of his friends. He transfers to BYU in Provo in the fall as a Junior! He will have three years of college behind him before he leaves on his mission a year from now. Quite the accomplishment!
Scott and his some of his many friends
Scott surrounded by some of his beautiful sisters!
Pictures with the family
Pictures with Grandma and Grandpa Moberg

Graduation Night 2008 from Mose Lake HS

Scott looking happy to be there.
Principal Balcolm addressing the class
Scott going up to receive his diploma
Posing for the official picture after receiving his diploma!
Waving to the family up in the stands!

Presents at home before Graduation 08

Scott and some of his graduation balloons
Opening his cards and gifts
Posing with Grandma and Grandpa Moberg
Posing with Grandma and Grandpa Wade. Nice to have both Grandparents there for this big day!
Posing with his family before leaving to go to graduation.

Nasa at the Sand Dunes in Mose Lake

Nasa was out at the sand dunes a mile from our house testing the rover with two actual astronauts. Corbin took his parents, Taylor and my Dad out to check it out. Taylor got up close and personal!
Taylor and the rover
The two astronauts on the rovers
Interesting that they wear their suits even testing the equipment
Up the dunes they go.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taylor's 5th grade Teacher and Assistant

This is Taylor with Miss Garbe, her 5th grade teacher this year. She was great with her. Miss Garbe is moving on to middle school, just like Taylor.
Had to get a picture of Taylor with Jill Backman. Jill was her "helper"
these past 2 years and she has been a joy. She was so good with Taylor to be there if she needed her but helping her to become more independent. She is funny, nice and patient and we loved her. We will miss her!

Taylor's last Garden Heights Spring Concert 08

Taylor loves singing at her school's concerts. She is usually placed down in front because she can be quite entertaining. She loves to sin and the music teach is quite animated himself. He does a great job and we will miss him when Taylor graduates from Garden Heights.
Always posing!
Does she look like she loves to sing?
She not only sings, she will dance for you, too!
Love watching you Taylor. Thanks for making us smile! Both her grandparents and Stephanie were here to watch her.

Taylor's Talent show at Garden Heights

Kellie, Conner and Stephanie waiting for the show to begin. Stephanie had just flown into Spokane that day.
Taylor behind her teacher, Mr. Gwinn, getting ready to do the Makarana. Not sure how to spell that one, but I hope that you can sound it out okay.
"Just checking to see if you are all still with me."
Wiggle those hips!
Taylor's final pose. She always has a final pose! She did great and I think could of kept going when everyone else was too tired.

Scott's Pre-Graduation Party - May 30th

Corbin, the Ballards and Dave Secrist in the cookout area
Scott and his friends
This basketball picture came up instead of another one and I don't know how to get rid of it, so you get to look at it in the middle of the cookout pictures! Sorry. If anyone knows how to get rid of a picture once it has downloaded, I would sure appreciate knowing how!
Kellie and Jess enjoying the night with her cute little pregnant belly!