Saturday, January 3, 2009

The "Peelers"

After the 2.4 mile swim, which was out and back twice, you run through what is called the "peeling" station. You can't call it the stripping station, but that is what it is. You come out and there are people yelling at you to come to them and with gloves on they yell at you to lay down and then they peel your wet suit off of you as you get up and then run to your biking transition station. At the dinner the night before, they reminded everyone to make sure that they wore something underneath their wet suits because there has been times when people have forgot and when their wet suits were peeled off, they were naked!
Never could really find Scott, Corbin or Ryan after the swim started. Michele, Ryan's wife was down on the beach watching for them, but I wanted to be up higher to take pictures. I am sure they are in there somewhere. Scott finished his swim first, then Corbin not far behind and then Ryan.

A swimmer being "peeled". I left soon after this shot to try and find them at the transition station with their bikes.

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