Sunday, January 4, 2009

Flooding before the Hurricane!

We took these pictures from our rental car of the flooding even before the hurricane hit. All of the rain had no where to go. We had a rental car until the rental company came to the aparment and "just picked it up." Not sure if they tried to call Ryan's apartment to let us know that they were coming to get it. It wasn't due to be dropped off until the next day. We found out when we tried to go to the rental place to make sure they had picked it up verses it being stolen and the rental place was totally shut down and all of the cars had been moved in the middle of the island to higher ground. The place never did open before we left so we were never really sure that they took it back, but we assume since we have never been charged for a car from Grand Cayman that that is what happened. I always wondered what it would be like to go out to get into your car and it is gone. I guess we found out. Good thing it wasn't our car!
Most of the home and businesses boarded up their windows and doors with boards or steel shutters, like these.

A road that was already flooded.

The sky before the storm!

This was the flooded bar area at the apartments after the hurricane missed the direct hit to the island.

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