Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 112 mile Bike Race!

Corbin getting help with a device on his bike that keeps his wheel on. His bike was fine when he placed it in the guarded parking lot the night before the race but when he went to start to ride it, the back tire came off. Someone had taken off whatever the thing was that held it on. Corbin could tell you. Anyways, he yelled for one of the repair guys and he helped him wheel it to right where I was standing to take pictures of them and ran and got a new device to keep his wheel on. At least I got a chance to talk to Corbin and find out what was going on. Who and why would someone do that?? I guess it happens quite ofen someone told me who was standing next to me. Rough start for Corbin, but he makes up the time later.
I'm here asking Corbin what happened. At least he is still smiling!

The nice guy who is helping Corbin with the part that is missing on his bike. This is when I asked Corbin, when I saw him running next to his bike, "Aren't you suppose to be riding it?"
The back of Scott with his BYU riding uniform on, taking off on the bike portion of the ironman. He was too fast for me on take off to get the front of him, so you get the back instead! Go Scott!

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