Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leaving Grand Caymand and going home!

The boys doubling up in their stroller for the long trip home. They were troopers and flew well. the hard part was getting our stuff on and off the planes when we couldn't check it all the way through the first day. We didn't do bad for having 6-7 bags, stroller, two beds and car seats! We left Grand Cayman and spent the first night in Tampa Bay and then on to Washington via SLC.
Waiting for the shuttle to our first motel for our first night back in the good old USA. April was sure glad to get back to "America" and so were we!

Saying good by to Ryan at the airport. It was strange and hard to leave him behind, but we knew that he wouldn't be far behind us and studying for these last boards and finals were pretty important. He may just enjoy the peace and quite for awhile, as long as a hurricane doesn't hit again and then he may need his mama!

It was rainy but fun. What an adventure. Not too sure about that driving on the right side of the roads! Glad that we could get there before they left to experience that island! I think if I would choose a tropical place to go again, it would be Hawaii!!
The cute Rasmussen Family soon to be reunited again! Thanks for letting us come and visit

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