Friday, January 9, 2009

Once everyone receives their new pajamas, we all run and get them on and always pose in front of the tree for a picture. Emmet and Weston had about had it by then, but they were there! Taylor looks a little concerned because she hates it when her nephews cry, but she wanted to make sure that her shoe, "Elaina" was in the picture.
Always one of my favorite pictures of the evening is when I tell everyone to do a funny pose and what they come up with. Love what the parents do with the younger children! Do you think that their true personalities come out for the picture? I'll let you decide!
Mom, Kendra and Scott. They were brave to pose with me with my "Well Bred" pajamas on!
I always pick all of the pajamas for the family except mine. Corbin has learned or informed by his daughters, that he must get his wife some new pajamas for Christmas Eve like the rest of the family. You never know what he is going to come up with. I guess he was pretty excited about the ones for this year and ordered them way ahead! I have never had a "horse" on my chest before and if I have been "well bred", you can thank my parents! The pajama bottoms are cute! Corbin is such a nut! Thanks, hon.
You would think that I am a cowgirl, but I'm really not, although I do like to listen to country music! The pajamas are comfortable, though!

The cute Walters Family. Ryan and April had already put their youngsters to bed. They had had it! Conner and Jace were still going strong!
Mom with her horse pajamas and Taylor in her High School Musical pajamas! Taylor also got a High School Musical robe! She can sing all their songs and tell you all about their movies. She also plans to marry Troy!
If she can't have Troy, she doesn't mind hanging out with her big brother, Scott!

Scott with the youngest member of the family, Jace Jackson Walters. He is 6 months old and this is his very first Christmas!!
This is the second annual "Round About Mount" put on by the boys. Check out Ryan or Stephanie's blog and they can explain it to you! Makes a Mom proud, huh!

Taylor gets so excited about putting out the cookies and milk for Santa, along with her letter to him before she goes to bed. Her Dad makes her very nervous because he always tried to eat and drink it before she gets it on the tray and I have to promise her that I will watch it and won't let Dad touch it! Corbin, quit stressing out your daughter! It's Christmas!


Stephanie Kay Moore said...

Very cute. Wish I had taken some pictures!!

Stephanie Kay Moore said...
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walters said...

So darn cute mom! You did such a great job! I love your journaling on Taylor's baptism! It was such a special experience! : ) It makes me so sad to see pictures from Christmas and realize how fast everything went by! It was so memorable though! Silver Mountain was so so so fun, and I can't wait until our next big huge family get together! We love you guys tons, and we are so greatful for all that you guys do for us, and our little family!

Williams Family said...

Your keeping yourself busy. I can see you had a great time and has kept you busy. Now, was able to at least see how you decorated for Christmas. Looked great as usual.
Thanks for sharing it. Love ya.

Brendan Murphy said...

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