Saturday, January 3, 2009

The 2.4 mile swim!

Taken from my balcony. Hard to pick my men out from everyone else!
Swimmers begin. The competive swimmers went first and then the rest of the pack. Corbin always say that this is the worse because everyone is crawling or swimming over everyone else. It is usually better to hold back a little bit so that you don't get caught in this first wave of swimmers. I was worried more for Scott this time because it was all new to him. I am hoping that his Dad will make sure he is okay. Corbin later told me that once it starts, you are lucky to see each other again. Fortunately Corbin and Scott found each other soon after the start and again on the second lap. I guess Corbin threw up most of the first lap the ensure he had drank just before going in. He felt sorry for whoever was drinking in his water next to him! As soon as the first lap was over, Corbin felt better. Weird, those athletes!

It looks like a school of fish!

Here are the competitors finishing their first lap and then going back in to the ocean for their second lap while the other athletes are still out in the ocean. There are boaters, divers, ect.. out in the ocean to make sure that nobody drowns. Comforting!

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