Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Beautiful Temple Square at Christmas time!

I have always loved the SLC Temple. I love every Temple, but SLC has always been one of my favorite, especially at Christmas time. They decorate Temple Square with more lights than you could ever imagine with the a manager scene that helps you to remember why we celebrate the Christmas season. We were a week early before they turned on the lights, but you could see the lights ready in all of the trees and all over. Luckily we were able to see the manager scene and a new white ceramic Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus that was placed on the reflective waters just in front of the temple. So beautiful. Just what we wanted to experience. Love the pictures that I took on Temple Square, especially this one of the temple!
The Conference Center. Another one of my favorite things to do is to actually go to the Conference Center for General Conference. We went a couple of years ago and hope to go again this Spring since Scott and Stephanie and Kritt all live in Utah right now. I was able to go this fall with Stephanie and Kylie, her sister in law, to the General R. S. Women's Conference, which was also very neat to be right there among all of the great leaders of our church!

The white cermic stable scene that looks like it is sitting on th reflective pool right in front of the temple.
Wow! Love Temple Square!

You can't go to Temple Square without going up to see the sculpture of Christ. When we started going up to see it, Taylor all of a sudden remembered that "Jesus is up there, huh!" She loves it too and it was so cool to see that she remembered being there.

Kritt braved the day and hung out with us girls! Thanks for letting us have a girl's weekend in SLC and taking your wife away for most of the weekend. You were a trooper!
Kritt, Stephanie and Kellie enjoying Temple Square and the warmth of the Visitor's Center.

Us girls in front of the reflection pool and the beautiful SLC Temple. What a fun weekend it has been!

They had this cool new stable scene where they use to have a different stable scene. Really liked this one so we had to get our picture in front of it. Sure wish that we could of been there when the lights were on. Kendra and Taylor have never seen the lights at Christmas time. Maybe next year. It's a must!
Leaving the Visitor's Center

It is so nice having girls who are creative and talented and can curl my hair! Thanks girls for trying to keep me updated!! I am very lucky to be your Mom!

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