Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scott had some trouble with the seat of his bike during his ride and here he stops to tell us about it, just as he is starting his run. What I liked about Scott is that he really enjoyed his first Ironman and just took his time to take it all in. At the transition stations he would take his time and talk to other athletes or the people helping out and also stopped to talk to Michele and I both times as he passed us in the run. Ryan and Corbin were more in the "hurrying" mode at the transition stations and did not really stop to talk to us as they ran by. I was worried that Scott would be bummed when he found out his Dad and Ryan were ahead of him in the run, but he wasn't. He was just having a good time. Way to go, Scott!!
Scott just starting his marathon portion of the IronMan. It was nice to see that he was okay after the bike. Once a mom, always a mom and worrying is what I do best!
Corbin, excited to be starting his run or else he is trying to hit the lady ahead of him! You never know! Nice compression socks, Corbin!
Ryan just starting his marathon. He finished first out of the three off the bikes. Way to make up time, Ryan. He has always been a good biker.

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