Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Ironmen!

Proud wife and mother with her two "Ironmen" As you can see, it is dark. All three of them finished within the 12 hour mark. Ryan finished first. Corbin followed and then Scott. Scott did look the strongest crossing the finish line. Corbin and Ryan looked like they were just glad to be crossing it. It's a crazy thing to push your body for over 12 hours like they did. Scott was the youngest competitor and the first 18 year old to finish. A pretty cool accomplishment, son!
It was an honor to be there and support you both, even though, sometimes I complain when you are gone so much with trainer. The goal certainly makes it all worth it!
The three Ironmen!
Corbin getting ready to cross the finish line! It was so dark that most of my pictures at this point did not turn out. Corbin's finish time it 12 hours and 30 minutes!! It was cold for us observers at this point!
Here is what the entrance to the finish line looks like not in the dark!

This is what the finish line looks like not in the dark!

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Mom said...

Congratulations to the Ironman--Corbin and Scott! What an amazing feat. We are proud of you both. We loved seeing the pictures of the event. Wish we could have been there.