Sunday, January 4, 2009

After the storm!

Drove past this huge mansion that was being built right on the beach and had to take a picture. It is going to be massive and beautiful. There are beautiful homes right next to shacks. No zoning here!
Beautiful. Not in the budget!

Checking out the damage after the island was spared by the category 3 hurricane! Corbin and I drove Ryan crazy with our excitement of being in our first hurricane, but maybe that kind of kept everyone from freaking out. Being on the first floor, if it really hit, we probably would of had to of gone upstairs and gotten to know the neighbors! Kids slept right through it! Amazing how strong the wind and rain was. Now I know what they mean by torrents of rain or rain coming down in sheets. I would of tried to get pictures, but didn't want to get my camera wet!

The chairs that use to be around the pool, now in the pool after the storm.

Motels, resturants all boarded up and sandbagged. Sure know the need of being prepared and food storage!

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Williams Family said...

Too bad the storm came in, while you were there. Maybe you needed to see what is like to have a hurricane around. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Now, I'm sure Ryan and April are glad to be staying in the U.S.