Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cousins reunited after a year of seperation!!

Proud and great moms with their cute boys! These four adorable grandsons are all going to be turning two, one and 6 months this month!! So nice to have the cousins together again!
Weston finding and loving the toys! He can't remember being here since he was only a month old when he left, but it was so cute to see Emmet walk in the door and look around with that look, "I know that I have been here before" and in the house he ran!

What a pair!
Like two peas in a pod, only one is dark and the other light. It is so cute to hear them talk their own language to each other and seem to understand exactly what they are saying. They are both so into cars that they started playing together right off.

Sometimes they maybe wanted the same car...............
The cutest picture ever! I can't believe that Conner is the tallest so far since his parents are sooooo tall!! Weston is probably going to pass them both up before long!
Big hug for the cousin! Not sure if Emmet was ready for that one, but they soon were both hugging each other!
My three grandsons. Jace will be up and going with them soon! Hopefully sometime there will be a few granddaughters to spice things up!

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